Bible Study Meeting Notes

On Sunday we discussed the story of Peter’s Denial of Jesus and how Peter’s example of recovering from failure should serve as an example for us all. Below are this week’s prayer requests. Remember, do you best to attempt to find time to spend with the Lord even if it is reading a small amount of scripture for five minutes.

  • Shona’s brother, James, in Afghanistan. Coming home soon.
  • Beth’s neighbor Jennifer – financial issues, recent loss of pregnancy.
  • Ben & Tracy – possible exploring new job opportunities, heat/air part would arrive soon so it can be repaired.
  • Shona applying for new job
  • Holly’s brother, Josh, having an MRI for a cyst on his brain
  • Beth’s family – struggling with control issues over grandmother’s belongings

We won’t meet this week as we’ll all be doing our best to avoid breaking an ankle down at Skatetown. When we meet in a couple of weeks we’ll discuss how to handle stress from conflict. To prepare, please read Romans 12:9-21.

Have a great week!


I apologize for the delay in getting these posted this week. Last week we discussed “Stress from Work” and how Paul should serve as a great example for us when we are faced with work stress.

This week we’re going to discuss “Stress from Failure.” All of us have failed at some time or another, and it isn’t much fun. We can learn much through failure, and it is often a prerequisite to success. In this fourth session of seven, we’ll learn from Peter as he painfully discovers some deeper truths through failure.

Prayer Requests from last week:

  • Mike’s grandmother (pneumonia)
  • Brett’s upcoming growth check-up
  • Sherry Haney (Darrell’s sister-in-law who recently lost husband and is struggling)
  • Patty’s procedure on Thursday
  • Emma’s test on Tuesday
  • Darrell’s stressful work situation
  • Jake’s aunt DeeDee in hospital in Miami with bleeding ulcer

I can’t wait to see everyone this Sunday night. God Bless

I hope everyone enjoyed last week’s study on stress caused from worry. This coming week’s study will be on stress from work. The passage for this study is 2 Corinthians 11:16-33. I look forward to seeing everyone Sunday night.

Below are this week’s prayer requests.

  • Beth’s family (struggling with issues due to loss of grandmother)
  • Kristy Myers sister (to continue to straighten out her life)
  • Mike & Shona sell their van
  • Ben & Tracy’s heat/air unit get fixed

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. We had 7 seven in attendance at last Sunday night’s small group. We started our next study which is on stress. Everyone seemed to enjoy the new format.

This week’s Family Walk is on Serving. It starts on page 62. Here is a link to purchase the book, Family Walk. It is $10.

Here are this weeks prayer requests.

  • The price of a house that Ben & Tracy like would decline
  • Beth’s mom dealing with depression from the loss of her mother
  • That Darrell & Beth would be able to sell their van
  • Scott dealing with difficult employee at work and that the employee (Jennifer) would improve her attitude
  • Angie Anders is having a medical procedure on Wednesday, today

I hope everyone has a great week and remember to priortize your day with God being at the top of the list!

I hope everyone enjoyed the last session of our 1 Peter study. I’m posting the Prayer Requests below for your review.

  • Patty & Bessie’s repeat tests on Friday
  • Scott’s meeting with physician on Monday
  • Church Move
  • Mike’s Mom, Charlotte, and her recovery from bilateral knee replacement
  • Beth’s family and the loss of their grandmother
  • Traci’s boss Gary and his elbow surgery
  • Traci’s neighbor who has had a miscarriage
  • Traci and Ben’s housing situation
  • Mike’s ex-boss Ken
  • Angie & Gary’s pregnancy (Yea!!)
  • Angie & Gary’s new family Worship/Bible Study

Remember to try to take the time to write a note to one of our leaders sometime this week in appreciation of all they do. When you do leave a comment that you did!

Also remember to pick a child in your extended family to pray for in the coming months and to shepherd in the coming months.

Here is a link to the book I discussed tonight “The Heavenly Man” 

Have a great week!