April 2006

Last Sunday we discussed stress caused by conflict. Paul taught in Romans 12:9-21 that the best way to overcome stress from conflict is by treating others with love and respect. This is especially true in personal relationships.

Prayer Requests
– Mike’s boss is going to be gone and is his first time managing the business himself
– Everyone putting a high priority on quiet time
– Holly with struggle about leaving her old chuch
– Ben/Tracy working through some issues

See you next week when we dicuss stress from loss. The scripture passage is Luke 24:13-35


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to ask you all to be praying for Angie's grandmother.  She is in the hospital at Ft. Sanders Reg. in ICU.  She had ulcers in her stomach and today had 1/2 of her stomach removed.  She doing well considering but her 11 children are concerned and worried about her.  Her name is Marie Palmer.  Please pray for her recovery as well as peace for all her kids.  They all obviously love her and don't like seeing her like this. 

 Thank you all very much.  We'll keep you informed of how she is doing.

Gary and Angie Anders