On Sunday we discussed the story of Peter’s Denial of Jesus and how Peter’s example of recovering from failure should serve as an example for us all. Below are this week’s prayer requests. Remember, do you best to attempt to find time to spend with the Lord even if it is reading a small amount of scripture for five minutes.

  • Shona’s brother, James, in Afghanistan. Coming home soon.
  • Beth’s neighbor Jennifer – financial issues, recent loss of pregnancy.
  • Ben & Tracy – possible exploring new job opportunities, heat/air part would arrive soon so it can be repaired.
  • Shona applying for new job
  • Holly’s brother, Josh, having an MRI for a cyst on his brain
  • Beth’s family – struggling with control issues over grandmother’s belongings

We won’t meet this week as we’ll all be doing our best to avoid breaking an ankle down at Skatetown. When we meet in a couple of weeks we’ll discuss how to handle stress from conflict. To prepare, please read Romans 12:9-21.

Have a great week!