I apologize for the delay in getting these posted this week. Last week we discussed “Stress from Work” and how Paul should serve as a great example for us when we are faced with work stress.

This week we’re going to discuss “Stress from Failure.” All of us have failed at some time or another, and it isn’t much fun. We can learn much through failure, and it is often a prerequisite to success. In this fourth session of seven, we’ll learn from Peter as he painfully discovers some deeper truths through failure.

Prayer Requests from last week:

  • Mike’s grandmother (pneumonia)
  • Brett’s upcoming growth check-up
  • Sherry Haney (Darrell’s sister-in-law who recently lost husband and is struggling)
  • Patty’s procedure on Thursday
  • Emma’s test on Tuesday
  • Darrell’s stressful work situation
  • Jake’s aunt DeeDee in hospital in Miami with bleeding ulcer

I can’t wait to see everyone this Sunday night. God Bless