Well, we made it to Valdosta, GA today. It took us 7 hours of actual drive time, 8 1/2 all together. The kids did considerably well all things considered. We got here around 7 pm.

Dinner was interesting. We drove to the Cracker Barrell but there was a 30 minute wait. So we proceded to the Ol’ Country Buffet – Yummy! We got in the door and they said it was closing. Next stop, Ruby’s. We get there, get out and Jay & Laverne tell us they don’t think the kids will like it. Meaning, they don’t want to eat there. From there to Austin’s which was one exit down the interstate. Jay had asked a local where it was as we had seen an ad for it. He thought it was like the one at home. Nope. It was a cattleman’s steakhouse and I could tell it wasn’t up their alley. So, I suggest we go back to the Cracker Barrell because it should be time for our name to be called. Sure enough we pull up, step out of the car, and they’re calling our name on the outside speaker.

We get seated and speak to our waitress who has a noticeable European accent. I asked her where she was from and she said Hungary. Katie asked if she came over on a ship and she told her no, a plane. She said she was an exchange student and then decided to stay and go to school to be a teacher. Pretty cool, huh? Her name was Galatea (Gal-a-t-a).

On the way down we started listening to a book on tape that I borrowed from the library. It is a very thought provoking book. Believe it or not, it was written in 1896 and its Christian message still rings true today. I’ll cover it in my next post. See ya soon.