I’m glad a couple of couples are thinking about going.  It would be really nice to have several couples go and enjoy this together.  It’s not your typical marriage conference.  It’s a mix of comedy, speaking, fun, and just plain relaxing.  To give you an idea on costs and time planning, here’s a general idea of what to expect and probably what Angie and I will be doing.  The conference is on a Sunday evening and Monday morning.  You could drive up after church Sunday morning and have lunch.  Keep in mind that if you want to stay Saturday night just for fun you can get the conference rate additional nights other than Sunday night. 

After lunch, check in at the Grove Park Inn.  If you haven’t been there it’s a destination of itself.  There will be a session (fun stuff) early that evening then a break and another session later that evening (more fun stuff).  Monday there are a couple of sessions with a break between to check out books, tapes, etc.  Then it’s over by lunch so you could be home by 2-3 in the afternoon Monday.  If you notice on the web-site the rooms are about $120 (last year our room was a $350 room for $120).  If you have your meals at the Grove Park Inn expect to pay alittle more than if you go out to a decent restaurant.  We spent roughly $100 or maybe alittle more on food which was at the Inn except for one small meal and some cappo.

I think everyone who goes will have a great time relaxing and enjoying some time with your spouse having fun together.

 Hope you can come,