I hope everyone enjoyed the last session of our 1 Peter study. I’m posting the Prayer Requests below for your review.

  • Patty & Bessie’s repeat tests on Friday
  • Scott’s meeting with physician on Monday
  • Church Move
  • Mike’s Mom, Charlotte, and her recovery from bilateral knee replacement
  • Beth’s family and the loss of their grandmother
  • Traci’s boss Gary and his elbow surgery
  • Traci’s neighbor who has had a miscarriage
  • Traci and Ben’s housing situation
  • Mike’s ex-boss Ken
  • Angie & Gary’s pregnancy (Yea!!)
  • Angie & Gary’s new family Worship/Bible Study

Remember to try to take the time to write a note to one of our leaders sometime this week in appreciation of all they do. When you do leave a comment that you did!

Also remember to pick a child in your extended family to pray for in the coming months and to shepherd in the coming months.

Here is a link to the book I discussed tonight “The Heavenly Man” 

Have a great week!