January 2006

Last night I went by the new church home to help finish unloading the moving truck. Gary had been there most of the evening helping out. Everything was done about 9:30 so after that I got to take a look at the house. It is really nice. There are some great meeting areas and good space for offices. The barns also look real nice for meeting space for the youth. They’ve got concrete floors and there are three different sections to utilize.

It has a great view of the Brickey campus as well. I don’t think God could have provided a much better situation for having worship at Brickey. Mark said they’ve already began praying for the land across the street. I think that is a great idea.


I hope everyone enjoyed the last session of our 1 Peter study. I’m posting the Prayer Requests below for your review.

  • Patty & Bessie’s repeat tests on Friday
  • Scott’s meeting with physician on Monday
  • Church Move
  • Mike’s Mom, Charlotte, and her recovery from bilateral knee replacement
  • Beth’s family and the loss of their grandmother
  • Traci’s boss Gary and his elbow surgery
  • Traci’s neighbor who has had a miscarriage
  • Traci and Ben’s housing situation
  • Mike’s ex-boss Ken
  • Angie & Gary’s pregnancy (Yea!!)
  • Angie & Gary’s new family Worship/Bible Study

Remember to try to take the time to write a note to one of our leaders sometime this week in appreciation of all they do. When you do leave a comment that you did!

Also remember to pick a child in your extended family to pray for in the coming months and to shepherd in the coming months.

Here is a link to the book I discussed tonight “The Heavenly Man” 

Have a great week!

Hey gang, welcome to your new blog, short for web blog. Blogs have been growing in popularity for the last few years because of their quick and easy way to disseminate news and information to any and everyone interested. I have been contemplating starting a blog for our small group for some time and have finally got around to doing it.

I will post articles of intersest and links to them, information about our studies, info about church and our fellowship events, and much much more. The possibilities are almost limitless. You can also post comments on anything that is posted for all to see. I hope in the future to make the site available for you to post info as well.

The name and description derived from what we’re attempting to do here – make life changing connections through Christ centered community. Thus, the name Koinotita – the greek word for community.